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Welcome to the new Otaku Wanted! If you don't know already, we are the #1 Anime Store Locator in the U.S. and the best resource for otaku to get info on anime shops.

Otaku Wanted has approximately 250 anime shops in our database! We're sure you'll find an anime store in your area. After you visit an anime shop, be sure to come back and submit a review on your thoughts about the anime store.

While you're here, enjoy interacting on the forum, checking out the photo gallery, and viewing anime related videos on the Otaku Wanted Channel (OWCh).

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xx July 2014 Updates

July 08, 2014, 02:38:20 PM by SauloA
The Otaku Wanted crew has returned from Anime Expo 2014 and we brought back some video footage from our favorite event at AX, Last Comic Standing! You can check out the playlist and see some great anime, video game and nerd comedy on the Otaku Wanted Channel (OWCh).

We also have plenty of new anime and cosplay pictures. Check out the Anime Expo 2014 gallery!

Lastly... Remember that you can make finding an anime shop near you easier! Download the Anime Shops app by Otaku Wanted, available for Apple and Android devices, and never miss out on an anime store again!

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