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Welcome to the new Otaku Wanted! If you don't know already, we are the #1 Anime Store Locator in the U.S. and the best resource for otaku to get info on anime shops.

Otaku Wanted has approximately 250 anime shops in our database! We're sure you'll find an anime store in your area. After you visit an anime shop, be sure to come back and submit a review on your thoughts about the anime store.

While you're here, enjoy interacting on the forum, checking out the photo gallery, and viewing anime related videos on the Otaku Wanted Channel (OWCh).

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grin February 2015 Update

February 08, 2015, 08:19:22 PM by smashking
Valentine's day is right around the corner, which means your sweet-heart is going to expect something nice. Flowers die and candy rots yours teeth, but anime is forever!

If you plan on giving gifts, then forget about all those main-stream stores. Support your anime shops and pick up an anime gift for all your loved ones. Give your girl a Pokémon plushy, or surprise your man with a sexy cosplay outfit... if all else fails, just get yourself some hentai.

Not sure if there’s an anime store in your area? Well, check out the Find Shops page and take advantage of our Anime Shop Locator.

New Anime Shops are being added on a regular basis from our crew and other anime fans. With the assistance from all of our fellow otaku, the site currently has over 280 Anime Stores in our database!

Make finding an anime shop near you easier! Download the Anime Shops app by Otaku Wanted, available for Apple and Android devices, and never miss out on an anime store again!
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